Things that make me happy.

  • A Slow Ride In A Fast Car
    Nothing can compare to a good ride.
  • A really good cup of tea
    A good cup of tea should be made using cool water brought to the boil and then poured over tea in a tea pot. Add milk and sugar to the bottom of the cup, then pour tea. Then dunk cookie.
  • Driving Dougal

People I Like

  • Mr. Thoreau
    Thoreau's neighbors called him "The Crazy Chart Maker."
  • Rrrachel
  • Amy
    I'm an editor transplanted to D.C. from the wilds of Humboldt County, Calif., via Santa Barbara.

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January 16, 2009



I know your beliefs may be different. But since we're old friends and you know won't get weird and preachy, I'll just say this: Where your Mom is, there can be no what-ifs or why, and I think she understands and watches over you and is proud of you. I think the things we don't understand in life can maybe be understood in death. It's controversial I know, to talk of heaven and a free soul after death. But I can live my life with a little more joy in thinking that those we've lost and love are still near and all the misunderstanding that shrouds our living souls are gone and left with nothing but clarity and love. Sappy catholic stuff I know, if you'll forgive me. But sometimes there are these moments in my life that I just KNOW that my grandmother is watching... is there.... and understands. And loves.

Not that you can control your dreams. Maybe in time, your mom dreams will get better and contain more of the "good moments". She loved you and you love her, that's all that matters. Sweet dreams next time, love. And now I'll shut up.... :-)

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